One-to-one coaching can help you to:

  • – Help you with your job search and career development.
  • – Improve your ability to perform with more confidence, assertiveness and clarity.
  • – Learn effective time management skills.
  • – Learn about your own and other peoples’ personality types.
  • – Deal with non-clinical depression and anxiety more effectively.
  • – Improve your ability to deal with conflict and other interpersonal challenges.
  • – Help you to deal more skillfully with stress and change.
  • – Learn meditation and relaxation techniques.

As well as working as a coach for 22 years, I have participated in and taught at over twenty 10-day meditation retreats, taken part in multiple seminars and trainings in many areas of psychology, neurology, human relationships and effective communication. My coaching toolbox includes several practical methods for increasing one’s own personal effectiveness and balance in life. In addition, I have counseled several people in the area of career development and supported people to gain a promotion in their present area of work as well as supporting people to navigate transitions to other jobs and/or life situations.