Steve Weir is a professional coach with many years of training experience
in various areas of Business English and communication skills training.

He can help you to:

– Overcome your fears of speaking in English and develop a more positive self-image.
– Learn the skills of “contact” with yourself, your material, your audience and business partners.
– Structure your contents so that you get your points across more clearly and efficiently.
– Learn how to deal with difficult people and situations.
– Improve your intercultural communication competence.
– Gain many useful, key words and phrases for your presentations, negotiations, meetings, teleconferences, etc.
– Learn how to handle questions from your audience, positively.

Sessions include a take-home video clip of your performance!

Feedback from „Effective Presentations Seminar“ at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in February 2023:

„Dear Steve,  without exaggeration, this was one of the best seminars I ever had!  Thank you so much again – not just for the seminar and these super helpful tools but also for presenting a living example of what it means to practise while working.“

„This workshop was indeed life-changing: I cannot listen to a talk anymore without thinking about the criteria we learned. Instead of being afraid I really do anticipate my next talk and look forward  to have the chance to try some of the very supportive techniques we were able to learn in a short time. And, indeed, it makes my life much easier: Two days with Steve encouraged me to  trust in my skills! Highly highly recommendable.“

„I have learnt many useful techniques during the workshop, which I am looking forward to implementing in my next conference presentation. I found the practical elements of the workshop particularly helpful, as I as able to try out new methods in a safe and supportive environment. This helped me to build up confidence and I am very grateful for that.“

Feedback from „Effective Presentations“ Seminar held at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in May 2022:

„The paradigm shift from concentration on content and facts to interaction and contact with the audience was very helpful to me… Thank you for two very intense days last week!“

Feedback from „Effective Presentations“ Seminar at the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society in March 2022:

„Seminar Success: thank you again for your great seminars! I began my last two presentations with questions (different questions, different introductions). It felt still a little bit weird but it was a great success. The feedback was really good.“ Leonard