Steve Weir is a professional coach with many years of training experience
in various areas of Business English and communication skills training.

He can help you to:

– Overcome your fears of speaking in English and develop a more positive self-image.
– Learn the skills of “contact” with yourself, your material, your audience and business partners.
– Structure your contents so that you get your points across more clearly and efficiently.
– Learn how to deal with difficult people and situations.
– Improve your intercultural communication competence.
– Gain many useful, key words and phrases for your presentations, negotiations, meetings, teleconferences, etc.
– Learn how to handle questions from your audience, positively.

Sessions include a take-home video clip of your performance!

Feedback from “Effective Presentations” Seminar held at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in May 2022:

“The paradigm shift from concentration on content and facts to interaction and contact with the audience was very helpful to me…

Thank you for two very intense days last week!”