Do you need support organizing a live seminar, planning an online lesson or preparing for a major training event? I can help you. I have developed over 50 workshops, dealing with topics such as:

  • Intercultural Communication Competence
  • Personality Type Models
  • Feedback/Feed-forward Skills for Managers
  • Intuition
  • “Mystery Weekends” (creative crime solving while living in a castle or hotel)
  • Effective Meetings and Negotiation Skills
  • Life Mapping (using Disney story-boarding to map your life)
  • Team-building Events
  • EFL Topics
  • How to use ‘Zoom’ and create online Seminars for Trainers

I have been teacher-trainer; training creativity methods, cross-cultural competence and didactic techniques to teachers for the Education Ministry of the Berlin Senate. Have led 23 teachers in a 3-week program in Wales, G.B., participated in upgrading former GDR teachers and led mini-workshops for high school teachers. I have a teaching degree from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, have led 5 month-long study tours to Australia and Canada and taught coaches at a Berlin coaching institute.
I am regularly asked to design seminars and workshops for companies, universities and government ministries. Whatever your challenge, whether it be to motivate your participants, restructure your existing workshop/lessons in a more efficient and fun format or to create a brand new event, I can help!