I have worked one-to-one with over 60 managers (at all levels) in the past 20 years. Topics have included:

  • Assessment Center Preparations
  • Management Skills Training
  • Conflict Management with Co-workers and with Superiors
  • Establishing Leadership Role and Trust within a new Team
  • Meeting and Interview Training and Support
  • Promoting development of Individuals within own Team
  • Work-Life Balance (including personal development aspects)

In addition, I have given courses for managers on leadership and communication skills, acted as a facilitator for yearly department-head meetings as well as working as a seminar leader at several large international corporate functions. This has included creating and coordinating many multi-day, business events, mediating and problem solving for teams and designing workshops for groups with special needs.  Presently, I am a coach for 2 major international corporations, a German university and various institutions. In this work, I support managers with a wide range of challenges.