Get your Coaching via Skype, Zoom or Big Blue Button

Do you have an upcoming presentation in English or German which you need help with? Having given presentation coaching to several professors, an ambassador, a Berlin  mayor, a member of the German parliament (Bundestag), PR specialists, a talk show host and hundreds of business people and scientists, I am very confident of being able to support you professionally using the medium of Zoom, Skype or the platform of your choice. Topics range from:

    • Good body language, positioning and movement
    • Use of strategic pauses
    • Adequate eye contact
    • Optimal voice modulation, stress and tempo
    • Usage of short sentences, strategic questions and positive language

The objective of the training will be to provide clients with the fundamental skills for holding effective presentations in the English or German language.  Each session will be filmed and the video material will provide the client and trainer an opportunity to identify key problem areas and potentials for improvement, together. Among other competencies, this training is also designed to:

*Empower the participants to structure and present their research findings and other topics,  effectively.

*Increase the self-confidence of the participants to hold presentations. This is done by  learning key strategies, tools and perspectives to reduce their fears.

*Learn the skills for keeping contact with yourself, your material and your audience.

*Promote the learning of important presentation language and correction (where needed) of the participants‘ pronunciation and grammar.

*Enable participants to hold spontaneous speeches and „mini-presentations“.

* Improve the presenter’s self-image and presentation styles.

*Practice keeping within the presentation time limits.

*Learn how to deal with difficult people in the audience and other challenging situations.

*Learn the attitudes and techniques needed to master „Question and Answer Periods“.