I have developed over 50 different seminars and have given over 600 seminars in the past years. Some of these workshops include: “Effective Presentations”, “Personality, Communication and Conflict Styles”, “Positive Thinking and Communication at Work”, “Intercultural Communication”, “Let’s Talk: Practicing International Business Situations in English”, “Brain Power: Effective Mind, Memory, Time and Energy Management” as well as Creativity Seminars such as “Mystery Weekends”, “Life Mapping” and various personality models.

I often design seminars and webinars to meet the special needs of businesses and various institutions and these workshops always offer participants a good balance between valuable learning of different skills in an enjoyable and relaxed working atmosphere. These seminars are also offered in the German language.

Here are some seminar reviews:

  • Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung: “Die Evaluation Deines Seminars ergab ausnahmslos Bestnoten!” (The evaluation of this seminar produced excellent results, without exception!)
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Chatrath BiTS – Business and Information Technology: “Sehr gerne würden wir im kommenden Wintersemester wieder mit Ihnen arbeiten.” (We would very much like to continue our cooperation with you in the coming winter semester.)
  • Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society: “Nach der sehr positiven resonanz würde ich gerne wieder auf Sie als dozenten zurückkommen.” (Following a very positive feedback (from your seminar) I would like to have you work for us again.)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Weinelt Freie Universitaet Berlin Institut fuer Experimentalphysik: “Die Response auf ihren Kurs war sehr positiv.” (The feedback from your course was very positive.)

Feedback from participant in February 2022 Webinar:

“With a little distance to the webinar I can say that it was the best training I had so far in the doctoral
program here at BfR. The two days were way out of the comfort zone but this is the way you have to go to
improve -especially these skills in presenting. I think you have prepared us well for upcoming
presentations and I´m looking forward to use some of the tips and techniques. Thank you for this training
and the constructive feedback you provided.”

Feedback from “Effective Presentations” Seminar held at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in May 2022:
“The paradigm shift from concentration on content and facts to interaction and contact with the audience was very helpful to me… Thank you for two very intense days last week!”

Feedback from “Effective Presentations” Seminar at the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society in March 2022:

“Seminar Success: thank you again for your great seminars! I began my last two presentations with questions (different questions, different introductions). It felt still a little bit weird but it was a great success. The feedback was really good.” Leonard

From the Bayer AG internal newspaper reporting on the “Envision the Future” Workshop in April 2015:

  • “Steve Weir, a popular Trainer at the Bayer site, gave a session on intercultural differences providing the group with real-life cultural demonstrations and hands-on exercises as to how different we can be, yet how similar we actually are.”

From a Seminar at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin in 2019:

  • “…for the first time I lectured without a full script in front of me.  And if you can believe it, it was actually easier than usual!  This was the first time I had an audience that was constantly engaged and asking questions the whole way through (no one was on their phone!).  I even understand my own material a little better, after approaching it with the intention of making it as clear as possible for the audience.  But you know what the best part is?  I was actually having fun.  So really, thank you so so much for all the work you put into the seminar!  It’s made a huge difference for me.”

  • “I want to thank you again for this enormously impressive workshop! I have learned so much valuable knowledge and tricks on so many levels, and it was great to get to know you and get an impression of you extraordinary skills, in order to see what is possible”
  • “Steve Weir is a dedicated and energetic coach. His seminar at the MPI has helped me understand, and start to use the building blocks of an effective presentation.”
  • “Steve is an excellent, engaging and impressively skilled coach who managed to teach me and my fellow workshop attendees numerous practical ways to improve my presentation skills in a relatively short period of time. I recommend attending his seminars without reservation.”
  • “Thanks again for all your help! It was extremely helpful, encouraging, inspiring.”

Stimmen aus anderen wissenschaftlichen Instituten:

  • “…ich möchte mich dem positiven Feedback (von Herrn Weir’s Seminars) der letzten Jahre anschließen: das Soft Skill Seminar von Steve Weir war fantastisch. Ich hätte nicht ahnen können, wie wichtig und wertvoll dieses Training ist. Ich bin froh, dass einem das (das Institut) diese Möglichkeit bietet und würde jederzeit wieder teilnehmen.” (I wish to add my own contribution to the positive feedback for Mr. Weir’s seminars over the past years: the soft skill seminar from Steve Weir was fantastic. I had no idea how important and valuable this training is. I am glad that the institute has made this seminar possible and would join it again, at any time.)
  • “Vielen Dank für die Organisation dieses Seminars! Die letzten beiden Tage waren extrem wertvoll, fordernd und unterhaltsam zugleich. Steve ist ein großartiger Coach. Ich würde jederzeit wieder teilnehmen, falls sich die Möglichkeit ergeben sollte.” (Thank you very much for the organization of this seminar! The past days were, simultaneously, extremely valuable, challenging and entertaining. Steve is a great coach. I would participate in this seminar again at any time, if offered the possibility.)

Feedback from my participants of a webinar in June 2020 at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development

The host was very engaged and did a great job to provide an interactive seminar despite the fact that it was a remoteseminar. I especially liked the surprise talk we had to give at the end” 

Very practical approach that was centered on personal feedback. Personal video training. Easy to follow and clear structure of the overall session and themes.” 

Through partner and group discussions as well as practical exercises, the whole session was very lively, which I very much liked.” 

Tipps about the use of pauses. Practical exercises. Nice and open atmosphere.” 

The process of identifying what one does well and what can/should be improved.”

Reviewing the short spontaneous presentations that were recorded. Also the fact that Steve addressed all of our questions we sent him in advance and that the meeting was very well structured.” 

“More Feedback from Online Work in 2020         Feedback from LIFE Webinarat the Max Planck Institute in October 2020